A career built on marketing, branding, and the creative change that drives it.

Hi. My name is Michael, but I go by “Mitch” (yes, there’s a decades-old story behind that nickname).

Interesting times we have upon us. No one saw this pandemic coming –  or the Great(er) Depression that it is leaving in it’s wake. Lots of change all at once with no real certainty on the horizon. It’s a marketing change agent’s dream and nightmare at the same time.

A quick glance in the rear view mirror will show that I’ve been in a variety of corporate marketing and creative roles over the years. I’ve been everything from a department of one – to recruiting, managing and leading a team of 7 people, to even running my own branding company at one point. I’ve also been sought out to provide thought leadership to the media from time to time, and published a quick book a few years ago.

If there are common themes that piece it all together, you will most likely find me at the intersection of creative problem solving, change management, and social science.

But that was all pre-pandemic. Fast-forward to present day, Covid has been that once in a century event that has abruptly bumped into the chess board of life and career, scattering all of the pieces in different directions, leaving us all to not only pick up those pieces and rethink our approach to the game – but to reflect on the meaning and purpose of it all moving forward.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. You’re a human in the Covid age. You’re going through the same process. Click around the site here, and if you feel a further conversation would make sense, get in touch. Let’s re-imagine the future together and the meaning and purpose that needs to drive it. I appreciate your visit here and for reading this far.

Be well. Stay safe.