People First

A player/coach, people first philosophy.

I put a lot of heart into what I do for a living, and I always go all-out for the people who I work with. Regardless of what roles they may play in the marketing mix – copyrighters, designers, strategists, product managers, or even CEOs – I’m flattered, humbled, and blessed when I have been told that I have directly or indirectly inspired someone to be better at what they do.

Here are 22 peer-written recommendations from former superiors, subordinates, and clients…

“I reported to Mitch for 7 months. He understands the design function, and implements solutions and processes to help it run more effectively and efficiently. It was great working under Mitch, as his approach to design management, was unlike anything I had previously experienced. He broke the role into segmented parts, which caused me to act mindfully and focus on different aspects of design, pushing my skills in pixels, management, and processes. Mitch always made himself available, regardless of the severity of the issue or concern whether via email or call. Mitch cares about the work and cares for the people he works with.”

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Mitch. He has the management style, communication skills, and creative savvy that designers and art directors only dream of. As an independent designer, I had the pleasure of working for Mitch as my direct manager/creative director. His super-organized style and respect for my schedule made him an IDEAL supervisor. It was low stress, yet productive to work for him. For example, each of my tasks was planned out ahead of time, scheduled, and described in detail, via succinct check-ins and a simple spreadsheet. Mitch also let me have a great deal of creative freedom and encouraged me to work on projects that utilized my strengths. He gave useful feedback, openly collaborated, and was genuine. Mitch is the ultimate manager for creatives.

“I had the pleasure of reporting to Mitch for 4 years. Over the course of my time working with Mitch, he mentored me and helped me develop my skills as a marketer. He helped me hone my creative intuition and encouraged me to take risks, both at the project level and in my career. His work ethic is stellar and his commitment to projects and team members is unparalleled. If you’re looking for a true professional, with unmatched creativity and talent, look no further than Mitch.”

Mitch is the best boss that I ever had. He is a good leader and a great boss that everyone wants to have. He has many years of experience in both the marketing and creative fields, he knows a variety of creative methods and marketing strategies, and he ensures that you learn what you need to. He also has a design background that makes him able to provide good guidelines as a boss. He has a great personality that makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you’re making mistakes. He is always encouraging and positive. I truly enjoyed working with him.”

“While working with Mitch, I found that he not only knows how to make the design process smooth but he is also extremely efficient as a creative professional. I was able to deliver projects ahead of schedule because of the systems and processes he put into place. He also has a natural talent for bringing people together on the same page and driving home the mission, which shows that he not only meets organization’s goal but shows a deep understanding of their target audience. I truly enjoyed working with a person of his caliber and under his management, and I would fully endorse Mitch for any creative project.”

“Mitch has been one of the most creative/easy to work with designers I’ve ever worked with over the past 20+ years. I can be very picky but he’s always patient and helps me with the creative work to the point where it’s better than I originally imagined. I highly recommend him to everyone!”

“I hired Mitch and Branding Experiences on the recommendation of a mutual acquaintance. When we first spoke on the phone, he was very personable and understood exactly what I wanted. He delivered my website quicker than expected and we were able to launch two days earlier then planned. If I ever need design work in the future, I will definitely contact Mitch first. Thanks for a job well done!”

“Classic Home Improvements hired Mr. Dowell to design a website on a very tight schedule after interviewing several designers. We selected him to design a new website for us from scratch. We were looking for someone who could provide a brand new website that was NOT from a template in a time-frame that was non-negotiable. Mr. Dowell met our expectations and beyond. He was timely and affordable but beyond that his communication and time-line structure was unexpected and appreciated. We have since hired him to complete brochures and other marketing materials for us. I would highly recommend Mr. Dowell’s services if you are looking for someone who listens to what you need and delivers what you want.”

“Mitch did an excellent job helping to launch a new branding/marketing strategy for Hav-A-Lawn, from articulating the story to producing great written material both for print and online. Hisdetailed knowledge of branding has helped get our message out there to our target audience. Our new sales revenue is up 20% this year, a large part of which I directly attribute to him and the success of the campaign we put together.”

“Mitch is a true professional and it was a pleasure working with him at Appfluent. Mitch combines a high level of creativity and vision with a very organized and methodical approach to his projects, which is an impressive combination of skills in my book. Mitch would be a wonderful asset to any company, and I look forward to working with him again if the opportunity arises.”

“I worked with Mitch at Appfluent. Mitch is highly collaborative and constantly has the end-customer perspective in mind. As we worked together, Mitch provided solid, creative/ design direction to collateral, email campaigns, websites, and various positioning and competitive pieces. Additionally, we often collaborated on corporate and product line branding/ identity direction. Mitch always bring proven experiences, valuable insight, and creative options to the table. He would be as asset to any marketing organization.”

“Michael Dowell is, by far, one of my favorite clients. He truly understands and appreciates effective design and advertising. He is able to cut through corporate doublespeak to create approachable, targeted campaigns and in the process, he elicited my most creative efforts. He’s a professional, an exceptional communicator, a designer’s advocate. It was such a pleasure to work with him.”

“Michael and I worked together at a relatively small company, where you could be asked to do more than what your job duties originally entailed. When I, a tech writer, was asked to produce marketing material and web content, it was Michael who came to the rescue with his many years of experience and knowledge of what it takes to attract a customer’s attention and bring in the business. There was never a collateral planning session, document review, or just plan chat with Michael where I didn’t come away learning something new about what works and what doesn’t work in the art of attracting attention (the good kind!) for a company. He knows his stuff, and I still miss his guidance and valuable input.

“I worked with Michael at SER, and I”ve never met anyone so versatile with as many all-around talents. He’s a one-man marketing agency. Michael is a strategist, writer, proficient in several computer applications and is very creative. In addition, he’s personable, flexible and a fun person to work with. He could always be counted on to do an excellent job. Top notch guy.

“I would highly recommend Michael. At TFS Technology, Michael had a key and highly significant position in the company, which among other things was to strategize with other key executives on strategic messaging, redesigning our corporate website from the top down, and fully planning and creating all product and solutions marketing. The organization leaned heavily on Michael through years of growth and we would not have been able to meet our revenue and growth goals without him.

“It was always a pleasure to work with Michael since he was both very creative and also extremely service minded. Michael also possessed the ability to take a project all the way from start to finish which ensured the success of several marketing activities conduced within TFS. Despite that me and Michael was located on different continents we never experienced any problem of working together and I hope to get the chance to work with him again some time in the future.”

“It’s a joy both personal and business wise working with Michael.He is creative, a great designer and he delivers in time and within budget.”

“Michael’s contribution to the growth of Image Machines during his tenure was extraordinary. He had the innate ability to take our corporate vision for a smooth transition from a channel marketing business model to direct corporate sales. He singlehandedly developed and implemented a highly successful marketing campaign for us. Most importantly, Michael understood the fundamental purpose of marketing is to develop a healthy bottom line and support a profitable return on investment.”

“Michael’s creative impulses and attention to detail were just the thing we needed at a small e-commerce start-up. From strategic planning to collateral design to practical implementation, Michael could handle every facet of marketing.

Michael is one of the top multimedia branding and marketing experts in the mid-Atlantic. He combines a hands-on understanding of the latest tools and trends in online marketing with a good working knowledge of consumer and business buying behaviours. At GlobalPhone, Michael was able to transform high-level ideas into effective multimedia marketing campaigns that generated measurable results. I would highly recommend Michael for any multimedia marketing role, either as a consultant or full time employee, and hope that we get a chance to work together again.”

“For over 3 years we worked closely with Mitch Dowell who at the time was the marketing manager and our primary contact at Appfluent. His clear understanding of site architecture and attention to detail was a great benefit to our business relationship during this period allowing both sides to effectively communicate and collaborate to better the user experience on the corporate site. He was a great asset to our business relationship and I have no doubt he will continue to do the same.

“Michael is a professional marketing guy who get’s the job done! He can work with a small marketing budget since he is skilled in many different areas within marketing and can do many different tasks without hiring a lot of outside consultants. He has a good feel for design and can handle many different tasks and projects at the same time.”